Filibertas Tamosevicius

makes magnificent cast bronze sculptures.  He lives in Vilnius, Lithuania.  His work has appeared in the Riga Opera and Ballet House, the Kremlin in Moscow, and in every one of the many restored palaces in Lithuania.  You can also find his works all across Europe.   In addition to bronze he also works in silver and gold.

He is a master craftsman in the truest sense of the word.  He produces wonderful work and is a genuine professional to deal with.  I also want to say that the cost of his work is amazingly low.  You would have a hard time finding work of this quality in a gallery, but if you did, it would cost you many times his price.

He often produces pieces to order, working from plaster models or even photographs.  You may contact him at 370-698-05542.  This number is in Lithuania.  The country code is 011.

Filibertas speaks only Lithuanian, but you may contact me, Regina, at (708)275-6936 or email me at

I am recommending this man because I have known him for many years and I deeply respect him as an artist and a person.  He does not pay me for this page.  You will be very happy if you decide to do business with Filibertas.