I grew up in Lithuania where my love of writing and photography was developed. I came to Chicago to do my photo show, fell in love, got married and never left.

     There was a time when I deeply believed in the job of  delivering messages from the lips of my interview subjects to the readers heads. I was really lucky to meet a lot of extraordinary people. Living in Lithuania I interviewed artists, workers, priests, alcoholics.  I wrote about depressed unhappy families, small business, shows in galleries, new performances in our theatres and their creators, prisoners, criminals... countless other things. 

For many years I was a member of  the International Journalist's Federation and the Lithuanian's Photo Artist's Union.  My forefathers were unbelievably brave knights as long ago as the fourteenth century. Historians found documents in archives about them.  As their descendant, I became a member of Lithuania's Royal Noblemen's Union. In memory of my forefathers I created a series of photos and wrote many articles about noblemen and their family members who were killed or exiled to Siberia.

For three years I taught classes in the basics of journalism at Kaunas University.

   For more than one year I worked in J.Miltinis theater in Panevezys,  a professional theatre that was very well known throughout the Soviet Union. I worked as Director of the Literary Department. It was a special period of my life: I shot a lot of pictures from performances, wrote a lot articles about them and the actors who played in them.


Masters degree in journalism (certified in the US), from the University of Vilnius. 


Life is very interesting to me and all pieces of it are wonderful. I like interesting people, literature, art, animals, handicrafts, gardening and lots of other stuff. In Lithuania I had eleven bee hives, knitted a winter coat and lots of sweaters. Here I created a nice garden, and many things for the house. I like to read and subscribe many magazines. It is wonderful to sit in the back yard with my laptop and a cup of tea.

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